Are you ready to rock out with your toddler?

Looking for an opportunity to slow down and connect with your child?

Our days are jam packed with so many things to do, but the one thing that we can’t rush through is our child’s development. We need to spend time slowing down and nurturing those little brain connections, and music is a great way to make that happen.

Our toddler classes focus on 6 pillars:

Emotional – Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

Language – Verbal Exploration and Vocal Play

Cognitive – Developing Curiosity and Imagination

Social – Building Rituals and Practicing Sharing

Creative – Drum, Sing, and Dance

Physical – Run, Jump, Stop and Go

We teach kids the fundamentals of music in a fun and exciting way! Our classes start out with kids connecting and playing a 3 1/2 foot drum! YES! You read that right. After that kids will spend time moving, singing, pitch matching, and building relationships with other kids.

If you’re ready to give your child an opportunity to experience music in a fun and nurturing environment – CALL US TODAY!

Located in Osseo, MN (right outside of Maple Grove) and Spring Lake Park, MN (just south of Blaine), Spark School of Music offers early toddler music classes to ages 3-5.  After your child graduates from our toddler music classes, they are eligible start taking private lessons.

Are you ready for toddler music classes as cool as your kids?

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