Private Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons

We provide private piano lessons once a week for preschool through adults.

What you'll get:

1. Friendly, competent, and educated teachers who LOVE to teach

2. Piano lessons are catered to you. We personalize each lesson based on your personal goals and expectations of piano lessons.

3. Learn proper technique, reading and ear training, music theory, and sight reading

4. Play songs you love on piano. Our teachers know that students want to play songs they love. We'll add music based on students personal preferences. (hymns, pop, worship, rock, jazz, etc.)

Starting Piano Lessons:

We don't require for our students to have an upright or grand piano in their homes.  At a minimum, we do recommend that each piano student has a touch sensitive keyboard that they can practice on at home.  A touch sensitive keyboard allows the student to play louder or quieter.  This is really important when our piano students start learning different 'dynamics".

For a beginner, the keyboard does not need to be a full 88 keys (we recommend 66 key minimum), but as the student gets more advanced, they will start exploring the lower and higher register of the keyboard.  A lot of time it makes sense to put in the initial investment and buy the full 88 right away, but we understand that budgets aren't always there for that.  Finally, you'll need a sustain pedal (when you hold it down and let up on the keys, the sound continues.)


Convenient after school times are still available. 

My son looks forward to practice every week and comes home with something new every time!

"Nick learned that my son wanted to learn a particular song before Christmas and he payed special attention to the request and made sure he knew it in time. He also communicates well, makes sure I know what they are working on."